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The first single from And maybe a tree will rise out of me... by Singer Songwriter June Caravel, as featured on Blues Magazine, Pariscope & RFI!

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Read what people are saying about the album And Maybe A Tree Will Rise out of Me:

  • Blues Magazine, Frankie "Bluesy" Pfeiffer - "Our miss has a voice. A very beautiful voice that she mixes mischievously and know-how with jazz, pop & soul. A voice that charms, captivates, ties you up with ribbons, cuddles you, pampers you, seduces you, envelops you and takes you in a luminously shimmering musical journey. Because everything in this opus is filled with light: the voice of course but also the sound, the arrangements and the musicians."

  • TGV Magazine - "Those who attended Maceo Parker's gig in 2004 at the Olympia in Paris may remember June Caravel, the talented singer who was opening for him. The Parisian, whose voice borrows from Aretha Franklin or Catherine Ringer has just released an astonishing album, between Pop & Soul."

  • Maxime Lendemaine, Pariscope - "June Caravel is a young Parisian who fell like Obelix (the character in Asterix's comic) in the marmite of Soul when she was young."

  • Eric Balvay, Paru-Vendu - "The result is a classy album worthy of the big American productions in the same genre."


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The album And maybe a tree will rise out of me... is the culmination of years of writing and composing. I recorded it in California with the producer Sylvia Massy (Prince, Skunk Anansie), accompanied by talented musicians such as Jeff Pevar on guitar (Ray Charles, Crosby Stills & Nash), Stevie D on drums (David Gilmour, Crosby Stills & Nash), Tibo Barbillon on bass (Nouvelle Vague, 1973), and Bill Holloman on horns (Nile Rodgers, Diana Ross). Flyin' is THE single of the album and I’m sharing it EXCLUSIVELY with those who sign up.

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June Caravel
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